About Us

Haldiram is a big platform with the production of chips and other items including sweets and snacks both. To manufacture potato-based products, in 90s machinery, was imported from the US.

Haldirams Way So Far

Over the journey of eight decades. We came up with lots of changes. We migrated, gone through several expansion, made new products, started new retail chains and stores at many places across India. But with the growing time and popularity, we never changed our commitment and dedication and our urge to serve our customers with the most original taste. We along with our customers are like a tight-knotted family.

We have always proven to be the most reliable brand providing with whole love to our people across India. Our shop can be founded back to a small namkeen shop in Bikaner profounder by Ganga Bhishan Agarwal Ji. Due to its unbeatable taste of Bhujiya, the shop gained lots of popularity. On its Legacy his grandson Mr.Shiv Kishan Agarwal has taken the business towards the level of the taste it is having today. Due to his emerging determination to take bhujia out of the boundaries of Bikaner, In 1970 he transferred his base to Nagpur. There we opened our initial full production unit that includes a variety of sweets, savouries and beverages. We achieved great success in it and expanded Haldiram.

Haldiram has kept the value of the tradition and quality instilled from formative years. Our sense of simplicity and rich ingredients have always made us prior to other competitors. Haldiram is more than just food. Our promises have created a strong bond between our community. We assure you to serve you with whole soul and authentic taste forever.

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